Weeknote 12th September 2022 – Processing and mental models

Last week I continued interviews and exercises with Senior Coastal Operations Officers at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. I’ve been working with them to understand how they use a form they receive from the public, as a precursor to working with their central team to turn this into a digital form on GOV.UK.

I learned a lot from this, including from testing out how they work with existing forms and mock ups of what our product will provide. It seems the changes in how information is presented should be pretty positive in terms of their process, and we got some useful qualitative feedback on how things work for them.

Then I moved on to what was some ambiguous work we’d sketched out on better understanding mental models of document based form creators. It was basically a set of needs that our interaction designers have to better understand how people think about more complex questions, without a clear plan on what we needed to do to generate this understanding. It was good to spend some time thinking creatively about this, and mapping out options.

I also spent some time refining tasks for our next sprint, prioritising and getting things ready for sprint planning on Tuesday.

Today I am travelling up to the Manchester office for some meetings with people on my team, including sprint planning and sharing the findings from our work on form processing. Then I’ll be continuing designing the research mentioned above.

I’m on leave on Wednesday for the rest of the week and heading for a long weekend in Southwold in Suffolk.






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