Weeknote 12th February 2016

I think I skipped a weeknote last week… I was mostly unpacking from our office move, writing a first draft of the Raspberry RPi Foundation’s Annual review, and taking part in a fun and fascinating workshop with the education team on developing the Raspberry Pi Curriculum.


This week I’ve been…

  • Meeting with a local teacher who is doing great work with Raspberry Pi resources. I particularly loved seeing fairground rides primary children had made in their DT lessons and brought to life with Raspberry Pi computers. They reminded me of the kinds of projects I used to do in primary school, and enjoyed so much, but brought into the new century.
  • Redrafting, copy editing and fact checking the annual review I’ve been writing of the Foundation’s activities in 2015. It’s been a great exercise for me in finding out everything that’s going on and starting to think about it’s impact. From gathering information to finding photos and getting the right tone writing for a new organisation, it’s taken me a little longer than I expected but is shaping up well.
  • Preparing, traveling to and delivering some training for Picademy trainers. Picademy is the foundation’s teacher training initiative, and we’ve got some great trainers running it. I did a session at James Robinson’s session for them in preparing for the coming wave of 4 or so Picademy events in Manchester. I’ll be up there next Monday and Tuesday, this time as a participant in the events. I’m looking forward to learning lots more about physical computing and programming using Python.
  • Catching up with one of my oldest friends. My friend Mark is now head teacher of an international school in Seychelles. He comes over every February to recruit new teachers for his school and stays with me in London. We’ve had a great time catching up over dinners and a gig (Bloc Party at Brixton – brilliant and nostalgic for our student days). I continue to learn so much about both teaching and the context of working in a small, relatively remote international school from him.

Next week is Picademy in Manchester, finalising and design for the annual review, and then getting deeper into some of my other research projects at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.






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