Weeknote 11th November 2022 – Darkening days

The week got off to a good start, and I got lots done on the mini-project I’ve been doing on documenting our research and open sourcing it on GitHub. We did some productive reviewing and planning for our next sprint.

Then on Wednesday morning I woke up with bad neck pain, and struggled to sit and use my computer. It’s been slowly improving, but has hampered me a lot this week. A reminder that sitting at a desk all day isn’t the healthiest thing to do, and lots of effort is needed to get moving and keep good posture. Unfortunately I missed a planned meet up with some education friends on Thursday as a result.

The rest of the week has been ongoing work exploring the background research to inform the ‘file upload’ feature on GOV.UK Forms. Another one of those areas where it is complicated to get a good understanding of the user needs. The lack of any standard way of doing this for document based forms means that civil servants have been taking all sorts of different approaches to meeting their needs, making it harder to understand what the universal needs are. We’ll get there!

The days are really drawing in here in the UK, especially noticeable after the clocks changing. I’m realising it’s more important than ever when working at home to get out during the day – otherwise it’s 4pm and it’s dark outside before you know it. I’m hoping my neck is better next week and I can get a bit more active to ward off the sinking feeling I get at this time of year as the seasons change. I do quite like winter, but there is something about the change of season at this time of year that is hard.

Next week should be more eventful. Lots of research to do, and a pub quiz with some old colleagues. Then Thursday is my partner’s birthday, so a trip to the theatre and a pre theatre meal. Then I’m taking Friday off and we’re off to an exhibition about the history of public executions at the Museum of London Docklands.






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