Weeknote 10th June 2016

It’s been a short work week for me, after my brother’s wedding on Monday and then a following day off on Tuesday. It was a lovely day, just too short as always. I was best man and put together a multimedia speech with some nicely embarrasing moments from our childhood (for both of us – I had to take the hit).

For the work week I have been…

  • Finalising the survey for Raspberry Pi Certified Educators. I’m looking forward to finding out more about what they’ve been up to since they went to Picademy events.
  • Meeting with Emma from AQA to share future plans for both our organisations and talk about some links we can make.
  • Chipping away at the evaluation report for the Creative Technologists programme. I’ve been fitting this around lots of other work and really need to get it pulled together more fully soon.
  • Analysing some survey data from Code Club member and volunteer termly surveys. I found some really interesting stuff, hopefully we can share it soon.
  • Attending the Talk on the Tyne ‘TeachMeet style’ event in Newcastle on Thursday. It’s ages since I went to a TeachMeet, I’m another step removed these days as I’m working strategically with teacher trainers but not really directly with teachers. It made me think about how work has evolved and how TeachMeets have evolved, as well as having a nice catch up with lots of people from TeachMeets past.
  • Speaking at ‘The Art of Computing’ conference on Digital Making and the work the Raspberry Pi Foundation are doing that teachers could benefit from or get involved with. Being me, I also looked at the political side of Digital Making and why I think it’s a really important area for us to promote and to thoughtfully shape. Slides with lots of links here.

A fair amount for a three day week, although innevitably I feel less productive when it hasn’t been a full 5 days. Lots to move forward on next week.






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