Making it digital this week

Child working at the computer

Over the last few months I’ve been immersed in the world of digital making: young people learning about technology through making projects with it. This week I’ve written a number of pieces on this area.

It’s been a big week in this area, with the Nesta report I wrote being published (with wonderful forwards from Baroness Lane-Fox and BBC director-general Tony Hall). On Thursday the BBC launched their big ‘Make it Digital’ initiative to get mainstream audiences engaged with the area.

Linked here are a number of articles I’ve written on the subject as part of the report launch:

How are we supporting young digital makers?

BBC take digital making mainstream with ‘Make it Digital’

How to support your child in digital making (for parents and carers)

The report itself: Young digital makers


Post photo: CC BY SA Lars Ploughman

Joining Oppi festival of learning in NYC this May
How are we supporting young digital makers?

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