5 mins of your feedback wanted please… Reader survey 2015

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Following on from my review of 2014 on the blog, I’m taking a look at what I post here and what value people who read it find there. Please could you let me know your thoughts on the quick survey below.

There is only so much one can gain from statistics, view counts and the browser and OS you use. It’s easy to be scuppered into valuing these more than the deeper reasons people value what you do. I’m aware a great many very intelligent and insightful people read this blog, so it seems obvious to ask what you think and what you get from it.

The survey should take no more than 5 mins, likely less. Please click here to take it.

This is not an attempt to chase stats or change direction to cater only for what the majority say. I think there is much value in blogging that is about what is does for the writer as well as the reader. However, it is great to get feedback to reflect on, and so often in the online world you throw things out there for only the most vocal people to respond, while the thoughts of the quiet majority are missed. Even if you’ve not been reading long, I do value your views.

Thanks for your input, and for your support, comments, twitter discussions and contributions over the last year and more. Here’s to our continued learning in 2015…


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