Exploring impact & evidence for learning with technology [Video]

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Earlier this month I was asked to speak at the UNICEF conference on innovation in education. Unfortunately I was unable to make it in person, but presenting my keynote via Skype did allow me to record it and reproduce it here for others to see.

Technology has transformed many areas of our lives including the way people access information and learning in informal contexts. Despite huge spending in many parts of the world, there is considerable debate on whether it has had any measurable impact in formal education systems and institutions. Drawing on experience from Nesta’s research projects in UK schools, work with the educational technology industry and recent discussions of evidence and efficacy in education, this talk explores next steps for harnessing technology for innovation in learning.

Innovation in education: Exploring impact & evidence from Oliver Quinlan on Vimeo.






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  1. james wilding Avatar

    Interesting comparative work. The danger you face in analysing the outcomes only of complex adaptive systems is that you fail to understand the vital importance of the many and diverse variables therein. As a metaphor, think of only measuring the outcomes of football teams. Result, the best teams spend the most money to get the results. Yet we admire the German approach of a refusal to permit the privatisation of their clubs, and the deep focus on skill development within a community based youth structure.

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