iPad fundraising- 100 heads are better than 30

When it comes to achieving big ideas, two heads are better than one. Why stop at two, what about five, ten, or even a hundred? Newly Qualified Teacher Alex Gingell has aimed for a big idea with his primary class; raising the funds for an entire class set of iPads. It is going to take a lot of ideas to find the perfect one, so his class have enlisted over 100 trainee teachers to help them brainstorm.

Alex and his pupils have been researching the educational benefits of iPads, and trying them out in class. They want to put the children in control of their learning with their own mobile, always connected devices, but doing so is going to take thousands of pounds…

This morning the children will present their project using Skype from their school in Bristol to a lecture theatre at Plymouth University. Using online brainstorming tools, and a few brainstorming rules, they will attempt to collaborate to form a huge bank of ideas which the children can build on, evaluate, and execute.

It’s going to take some special ideas to make this project happen, and to get started the children need as many as they can get. If you are available tomorrow morning at 09:30 GMT, join us and throw your thoughts into the mix…

Join us this morning (Tuesday 31st Jan):

Live video stream from 9:30am here (after the short advert).

Follow the twitter discussion on #iTrinityTeam here.

Add you ideas to the brainstorm any time here.

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