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From humble beginnings in a Scottish pub, to events across the globe, the concept of self organised professional development for educators has come a long way in 5 years. At BETT 2011, TeachMeet instigator Ewan McIntosh challenged us to come up with ideas to celebrate 5 years of teachers learning from each other, and this evening I have begun my contribution.

I recently ran a TeachMeet focused on Primary Languages in the West Midlands and, nervous that this might be a little niche to attract enough attendees, I explored ways to market the event outside of the twittersphere. I was very aware that the main TeachMeet wiki, whilst powerful, can be intimidating for those not confident in the use of Web 2.0 tools.

There is so much enthusiastic learning to be had from the TeachMeet movement, it seems a shame to disenfranchise those who don’t engage with twitter, often a tech driven platform. These days even the least tech savvy educators are active on Facebook, and just as those into blogs and wikis, they too have much we can learn from. The first TeachMeets I went to were largely driven by technical tools, but more recently I have seen increasing and exciting sharing of ideas that have nothing to do with technology, and I think to develop this learning we need to engage more people outside of the ed-tech community which can sometimes be a bit of an ‘echo chamber’.

The result of this thinking is the TeachMeet Facebook presence. I hope that this can allow an even wider cross section of teachers, educators, and learners to take the reigns of their own professional development, share, and learn from each other.


Here’s how it works:

You create your TeachMeet wiki page as has become standard (this is needed for presenters to sign up etc).

You add a link to your page to the front page of the TeachMeet wiki, again, as standard.

You fill in this Google form, also linked to on the front page of the wiki.

I create the Facebook event for your TeachMeet, associated with the TeachMeet page on Facebook.

I add you as an admin for the event so you can amend and invite people.

We all invite fellow educators, and encourage them to ‘Like’ the TeachMeet page.



Hopefully the community grows, engaging and powerful events happen (a given), and the learning moves to another community of teachers outside the twittersphere.

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3 responses to “TeachMeet, meet Facebook”

  1. Steve Philp Avatar

    Great stuff Oliver! So can you do that for Teachmeet Brum 30th June and Teachmeet Black Country 5th July?

    1. oliverquinlan Avatar

      I already have! Tweeted you the links so let me know if you want to change any of the information, I just copied and pasted from your wikis.

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