Tim Rylands – Back to their future #bett2013


Tim Rylands opened his talk by considering the futurism we were surrounded by at the BETT show, but urged us to remember that whilst we may enjoy looking to the future, what we need to concentrate on is how to get the best for our children and young people now.

In his inimitable style, Tim opened up his ‘box of tricks’, and shared with us a huge list of the latest online tools he has been using in schools.

In a visually stunning presentation, Tim took us back through the developments in education technology over he last 30 years, and drew the parallels between the BBC Basic computers from his early career and the current movement towards encouraging coding and hacking with tools such as code academy and the Raspberry Pi. Whilst talking about the most recent tools, there was a sense of nostalgia for those early days of educational technology- in many ways we have come full circle, except that now the tools we have available to young ‘hackers’ are so much more powerful, and more social.

Sharing examples of the resources in the list above, Tim showed we are at a great stage in the development of learning technology; where the ethos of ed tech past could be meeting the power of 21st century tools.

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