Inclusion, Relevance, Ambition – Rod Bristow (Pearson) #educationfest


When we get education right it is not just about industry and economics, but making young people who are part of a community.

Bristow emphasised the importance of inclusivity, relevance, and ambition. He said that at the moment we are not ‘regenerating’ our education system in an effective way.

Illiteracy around the world costs $1 trillion a year, but Rod said the real cost is the human cost of people being unable to participate in their communities, wherever they are. 

Although he argued that the basics should be made available to all, he was also cautious that they need to be learned in a relevant way as part of a ’rounded education’. Knowledge is of no value unless you put it intro practice. To achieve this he suggested more work experience being fitted into the curriculum. 

Pearson started examining ambition by looking at assessment and examinations, but in their research found this was the wrong place to start. What people were saying is they needed to start with the purpose of education. They are investing in a review of educational ambition to explore how standards, academic and vocational education fit together. We need to mend the gap between the vocational and the academic.

He said for the future we need thinkers who can act, and practitioners who can think, and set out Pearson’s vision of education as exploring these areas as well as using comaprasons such as PISA to check how the UK is performing against other nations.

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