Design Thinking for New Learning #naaceconf13 – Graham Brown Martin @GrahamBM

March 7, 2013  |  NAACE 2013

‘Design is what links creativity and innovation’

In many ways schools have not changed for a long time. Graham invited us to take a different look at how we would design schools if we consciously sought to do so… something we mostly don’t do.

If the brains behind Apple designed a classroom, what would it look like? What about Mark Zuckerberg? Donald Trump? Alan Sugar? Henry Ford? Gove and Cameron?

The answers to these questions are varied and different, but what Graham invited us to do was consider the different outlooks and epistemologies that underpin the assumptions we make about schools.. and these are many. What lenses do we see education through, and how might it look if we swapped out our lens for a different one?

What if we took away these assumptions and asked the question of education; who is the customer?

Graham took issue with the previous speaker’s assertion that young people who learn to code will learn a lot of money. The reason, he says, that industry is encouraging these initiatives is they want a good number of workers; we are talking about commodification of skills. Skills that we have recently seen can be easily outsourced…

He said we need to stop telling these types of lies to young people, and re think how we could consciously design an education system that will work for them as the end users.

Because of course they have their own lenses which they see the world through too… and one certainty we can bet on is that those are different to ours…

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