100 ideas: How can we make more time? [#domoreedu]

  1. Longer school days.
  2. Less holiday.
  3. More collaboration, not doubling up.
  4. More flexibility with when people day starts- time you have more suited to energy.
  5. Letting people move on with learning when they need to.
  6. Flexible timetabling of subjects, move on based on achievement not time.
  7. Engagement of Universities with secondary to ‘feed forward’.
  8. Involvement of business- take advantage of their resources such as space.
  9. Create periods of intensity in learning to increase efficiency.
  10. Intense, all week periods- focus for a long time on one subject for big learning wins. Unchunk the learning.
  11. Remove repetition from curricula, particularly between stages.
  12. Co-ordination between phases to ensure learners really being moved on.
  13. Fix problems and misconceptions before you move on to make sure you don’t revist over and over without ever moving on.
  14. Consistency of experience for learners. Consistency of language around learning and pedagogic tools- learners and teachers know where they are and can just get on with it.
  15. Capturing and documenting learning with technology. Pulling up old learning can trigger memories and prevent need for re-learning. 


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