Putting the mobile into mobile technology – Emma Dawson [#tmbett @ohcrazy1]


Emma was givena  collection of iPod touches and iPads, and she set out to push the limits. She wanted to take them out and about and make the most of their mobility, and began with the ‘Mission Explore London‘ app.

They don’t live in London so they decided to create their own version for their villiage. Taking them out and about, they kept connectivity going using a MiFi. They then went back into school and used google maps to plot all their ideas for missions, then went back outdoors and completed each other’s missions.


The second challenge was the Northants BLT Monopoly challenge, where three groups were sent to London and pitted against each other to complete missions. Monopoly challenges for different cities have followed.

Emma’s talk was a great example of someone who gets the ‘mobile’ element of mobile tech to really do something different.

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