Sharing learning with KidsMeets – Paul Hutson [#tmbett2012 @nightzookeeper]


Paul went his first TeachMeet just before Christmas, and has found an explosion in his professional learning since getting involved with twitter, and wanted to bring this idea to children.

He heard about the first KidsMeet which happened last year, and the Thorney Close TEDxKids, which show that Primary school children can have great results in sharing in a very public context. Childrne presenting across BETT this week have also given some great presentations about what they are learning, and Paul wants to make this happen more often than once a year.

Ad-libbing without his presentation slides, Paul asked for regular time checks from the judges, each time adding another example of great sharing of learning by the kids themselves. Paul and friends are looking to organise regular KidsMeets, at first in London and then beyond, so if you are interested sign up here.

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