Marketing to schools or homes? #swel

November 26, 2011  |  Startup Weekend London Edu, Uncategorized

One of our key conversations this morning has been about where to pitch educational web services and apps. Schools may be the hubs for children’s education, but are they the best people to aim to?

Some startups are looking at ideas which they feel could sell equally to home and schools, and with the Night Zookeeper we were originally looking at something both schools and parents would buy.

Henry Playfoot of Stealth education has just been having a mentoring conversation with us, and his advice to is move away from this, and clearly delineate between home and school. Schools are looking for different things to parents, very versatile in terms of content, curriculum mapped ideas, something versatile enough to allow many specific learning objectives to be attached to.

Conversly parents and children are looking for engagement is worthwhile activities, and are potentially willing to spend money on a rich experience that children can explore and create. They can see the children developing in a wider sense around such experiences rather than wanting to quantify that learning so specifically.

In these tough times, the idea of pitching to schools seems like a hard sell. Whereas parents may be looking to rememdy the data driven focus of school, and willing to spend on tools which leverage their children’s creativity.

The consesus? Selling to the home market, engaging children and satisfying parents that they are getting real worth from online experiences is the way to go.

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