The Thinking Teacher

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“If we want thinking children, we need thinking teachers’, says Oliver Quinlan at the start of his book. He’s dead right – and systematically and skilfully he shows us what that means. The result is a book of considerable depth, yet written with a lightness of touch that makes it eminently readable.”

Geoff Barton, Head Teacher, King Edward VI School, Suffolk 

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Whilst the importance of good teaching is widely reported as the number one key to raising achievement in any classroom, educating teachers in the art and science of teaching is an expensive business. Simply training them to deliver a curriculum, on the other hand, is whole lot less troublesome. But we need teachers who can think – who can reflect on the process of learning, on pedagogy, on the nature of children and on the role of the professional 21st century educator and, in doing so, seek to improve their profession on a daily basis.

When we genuinely develop our teachers as better thinkers, we help create better thinkers in our children too. 

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“Quinlan gets the reader to move on from thinking of ‘learning as acquiring to learning as becoming’; in other words, he is advocating a classroom based around students becoming participants in the subject rather than possessors of certain, closely defined slices of it. This shift in thinking transforms a subject from a collection of knowledge or skills to be gained to a field of discussion, a community and a space.”

Dr Jacek Brant, Institute of Education 

“If I was a headteacher I would ask all my teachers to read this book and then use a staff meeting or inset to debate some of the questions and points that Quinlan makes. It’s only by doing that we are ever going to progress as educationalists and further enrich the learning experiences of our students. […] Changing educational paradigms begin right here.”

Pete Kirby, Coram Life Education

“The main aim of this book is to inspire you to develop yourself as a ‘thinking teacher’, who will naturally help to nurture thinking children with the skills and aspirations to shape a truly successful and fulfilled future.”

Helen Mulley, Editor, Teach Secondary Magazine 

“Quinlan makes an impassioned plea in this manifesto for teachers and school leaders everywhere: don’t stop think- ing. He makes a convincing case that making time to think is not just the key ingredient of great learning, it’s also in the make-up of our top teachers.”

Ewan McIntosh, founder 

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“provocative, in a gentlemanly way, and drawing on a wide range of research and perspectives, The Thinking Teacher is a book that, were I still a Head of Department in a school, I would buy for each member of my team and insist that they read it.”

ICT in Education

“This is an enlightening book that reminds educational professionals to stop, think, and to encourage their pupils to stop and think, especially in a society where the pace of change, life and interaction can appear relentless.”


Journal of Education for Teaching review by Dr. Natalia Kucirkova

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