Generalism [Video] #tmtwist

Last night was TeachMeet Twist; a TeachMeet I helped organise with Jodie Collins and Paul from ‘The Night Zookeeper’. TeachMeet events are great for learning new things, but they are even more powerful for making connections and meeting people with whom you can develop your ideas and your thinking. Therefore, as well as the traditional presentations we based the event around structured discussions and lots of time to chat over a drink, hoping to place the spirit of conversation at the heart of the event.

Sadly I could not make it to the actual event due to the current disruptions to trains in the South West of England, but I sent a video presentation of some ideas I have been thinking through about the challenges of being a ‘generalist’ primary teacher. I don’t think my name came out of the TeachMeet tombola to speak, so here is the video that would have been shown, of theĀ presentationĀ I would have given had circumstance not conspired against me…

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