TeachMeet Brum #tmbrum

This evening saw teachers and educational tweeters descend on Paganel Primary School at the invitation of Steve Philps for TeachMeet Brum.

As ever, there were a range of presentations from demonstrations of exciting tools for the classroom, to sharing of successful projects with learners of many ages.

I was live blogging and live streaming the event, with the resulting posts below:

#tmbrum – Steve Philp – Reflection with video

Video as a tool for collaboration, reflection and sharing of projects.

#tmbrum – Steve Rowley – eBooks

Pupils creating and sharing eBooks and the effect it has had on their writing.

#tmbrum – Jan Webb (@janwebb21) – Mouse Mischief!

A powerpoint add on for using multiple mice for competitive learning games.

#tmbrum – Lisa Stevens (@lisibo) – Random stuff we did last week!

A selection of interesting mini projects from the last week.

Oliver Quinlan – “Poke the box”: Questioning questioning

I talked about using Seth Godin’s notion of “Poke the Box” as a model for questioning in the classroom.

#tmbrum- @nellmog – Aviary Online media editing

Using free online tools to teach skills usually reserved for high end professional image editing software.

#tmbrum – @johncoup – Reflective portfolios in Medical school

Using ePortfolios to develop reflection with students in Higher Education.

#tmbrum – Penny Thomas – ‘ICT on a budget

Tips for heads on achieving ICT wins with little funds.

#tmbrum – Simone Haughey (@simonehaughey) – iPod nanos in the classroom

Using iPods to facilitate regular drip fed foreign language learning.

#tmbrum – Mike McSharry (@mikemcsharry) – Free? How do you pay for it?

What privacy concerns should we be aware of when using free online tools?

#tmm11 – Moving from VLE to VLE Ecosystem – Mark Allen @edintheclouds

This post from TeachMeet Midlands 11 sums up Mark Allen’s VLE ecosystem, which was also presented at TeachMeet Brum.



Ustream recordings of the event





4 responses to “TeachMeet Brum #tmbrum”

  1. Mark Anderson Avatar

    Mouse Mischief rocks – hope the event went well!

    Mark aka @ICTEvangelist

  2. Julia Skinner Avatar

    I was able to dip in from home & it seemed like a great event. Thank you so much for posting the links & I’ll pop some of them on the resource centre. You did a grand job Oliver!

    1. oliverquinlan Avatar

      Thanks! It’s good to be able to involve people from across the country / world with things like live streams and blogs. Glad you found them useful

  3. […] And then I met Daniel Harvey. Find him on Twitter at Danielharvey9. Like me, he wanted to get a network of teachers together to meet face to face and share good practice –  a teachmeet – Teachmeet Brum in fact. I had previously organised a Teachmeet back in 2011 – the first Teachmeet Brum which you can read about on Oliver Quinlan’s blog. […]

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